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Draining of a storage tank

Please click the link below for more information Draining of a storage tank 

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Sustainable harvest

This paper will examine a series of differential equations to observe population patterns of beluga whales. Theory logistic equation (Neuhauser, Claudia. Calculus for Biology and Medicine. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2000. 364-366) References

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Surface area to volume ratio

More than 250 million years ago, during the Paleozoic Era, you could find dragonflies with hawk-sized wing spans and millipedes longer than a human leg. Why do we no longer see giant bugs? This size limitation is also true for single celled organisms, like dinoflagellates and amoeba. Why do giant cells not exist? Create a [...]

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Seagrass decline

It is believed that more than one environmental factor (total N, total P, salinity, and turbidity) is having a negative effect on seagrass coverage in Tampa Bay. Create an equation/model that predicts how the coverage of seagrass in Tampa Bay will be affected by an increase of at least two of the environmental factors (total [...]

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SIR model

The Kermack and McKendrick model (1927; 1932; 1933) or SIR model can be used to describe the progress of an epidemic through a population. The S term stands for susceptible individuals, I stands for infectious individuals (those who are infected an who can transmit the disease), and R stands for those who are recovered and [...]

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